handmade jewelry

Gemstone Galore

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to upgrade on the type of materials I’m using for my handcrafted jewelry. That’s when gemstones came to mind. Because I wanted my shop to exude the urban Boho feels, I did make some online window shopping at fellow shops whom I think are worthy of a standing ovation (with slow clapping). Yes what they have in common are guess what? GEMSTONES and SEMI PRECIOUS STONES! These amazing works of nature are all deserving a great deal of craftsmanship. I guess that’s what makes the Boho style so chic and different.   The pieces in every Boho collection are so eclectic natural and unique in many ways. The materials are always different from one another since each gemstone are naturally sculpted by nature quite differently. Thus the style makes it a nature lover’s favorite.

Since the these gemstones are so unique, I think they should be worn as they are. What I mean is the more you incorporate to your craft  in an unadulterated manner. Makes it more interesting and beautiful. Everyone I guess would agree with that a naturally formed crystal is always enigmatic to look at. Well cutting the story telling short, I started with the fundamental. Just grabbing the basic stuff that I can get and let my hands randomly create something anyone regardless of age, gender or personal style would wear in a casual day. Oh boy I’m telling you, the end result is so satisfying. Forgive me I’m just overwhelmed. Especially after seeing them selling like pancake on our Shopee Mobile Store. I really can’t wait to upload photos to share them all. As of the moment, I’m in the process of knowing the story behind these semi precious stones.




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