This Peace Bracelet Has Real Rock Your World Attitude

     How could I end up with this gorgeous bracelet? The answer will be,  “I don’t know”. It’s funny how I just randomly spread all those jewelry components, beads and metal charms at the table top and think of how would they look good together. Inspiration? I got the Rebel Rock Diva in mind,  Pink.  she’s one rocker chic who has that you “can’t tame me-I don’t follow trends” attitude but remains feminine and I want to believe she holds her values secured and intact. Everybody think differently when it comes to fashion. As long as it compliments your best self and represents what you truly believed in then you are good to go.

     And so I let my Instinct do the job. No rules, just my mad hands and my pliers. This gorgeous piece is made from glass cubes, japanese seed beads, antique gold tone metal charms, double flat chain that is also in antique finish, and handmade tassel.  I made two of this, that means two lovely ladies will get to own them. Wear it and carry the message that you are a beautiful peace loving creature. That’s how you should rock right?

Handmade Tassel Bracelet Php160.00 (Free Shipping)
Make peace not war. That's how you wear this bracelet. Make sure people get to know it. That is making a statement

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